Feminized and Face Fucked!

Feminized and face fucked

Feminized and face fucked

Have you ever been forced to give a rough blowjob? Have you ever had your face fucked like it was just another hole?

Shortly after the “Sissy Maid Ashtray for Miss Betty” shoot, Miss Betty thought it would be fun to give the type of throat fucking you see in rough blowjob porn. Usually in rough blowjob porn it is the male ramming his rod down a poor females throat as she gags and chokes on it. Miss Betty felt the same type of scene could happen in reverse.

We had already started turning off the lights from the previous shoot,and started to get ready to go home. Miss Betty was not done though. Camera or no camera, she wanted to see me gag on her cock. She really wanted to give it to me rough, so she strapped on a fairly thick black cock and decided to go to town.It just so happened that we still had some time left on the tape in the camera, so the camera was turned back on to catch the action. What unfolded was a very impromptu scene that I was not prepared for. I was already tired from the previous shoot and just wanted to relax.

Miss Betty made it very clear that there was no choice in the matter, and I needed to learn that my service only stops when the female dominant I am serving says it stops. She drove the point home too. First I had to put the condom in my mouth and put it on the rubber cock without using my hands. Miss Betty told me that this is what real whores do and since I was her whore for the evening, there would be no exception for me. The task was a bit more difficult than I expected. The secret is to hold the condom upright in your mouth and seal the edges with your lips. Then you create a suction. This results in the perfect receiving vessel for any phallic object.

Using lips to form a seal around the condom and create a suction

Then I was to place the condom on the dildo by letting it penetrate my mouth as I unrolled the condom further down the shaft. I am told that we may be shooting a tutorial video about this in the future and that it will likely come with a more detailed write up. Mistress tells me that this is an essential lesson for any sissy slave, especially those in cuckold service to their dominant. What fun would it be to have your sissy both prepare your lover by fluffing him, but to also serve the purpose of a condom dispenser?

putting condom on dildo

No hands and no teeth.

Now that the condom was on the dildo. Miss Betty made it clear that this was not going to be a sensual experience. She fucked my throat with very little regard as to if I was enjoying the experience or not. I kept choking and gagging trying not to throw up. Eventually my throat relaxed and I just took it. I am told that I should get used to this, as my throat, like my ass is just another hole to be used when needed.

Face fucking sissy maid

Getting throat fucked

After she was finished, I felt extremely degraded and used. I am told I must get used to that as well.

degraded and used

Feeling very degraded

 Download a free video preview of me getting face fucked below. It is pretty rough.

Windows Media Player


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The Purpose of a Sissy Name

One aspect of forced feminization training that is often used to aid the sissy into better identifying with their new role, is to change her name. Often sissies choose their own name before entering the relationship, but in a forced femme dynamic this is often decided on their behalf. Otherwise it really would not be forced. Some dominants do force their feminized male to choose their own name as a form of humiliation, and that can be fun to. We prefer to take away the decision making process altogether. We feel it is necessary to take away any thought that the sissified slave has the right to decide anything as this could lead to feelings of entitlement and result in a very confused sissy.

If you give one inch in the training process, the sissy may take this as a sign of weakness and end up taking advantage of you. Always remember where the sissy came from. Before entering service they came from a world of male privilege and entitlements. The sissy slave is much like a child, as the male ego rarely matures beyond adolescence. It is important to strip the slave from these feelings early and set the correct expectation that there are absolutely no entitlements in this power exchange. The only thing a sissified male slave should expect, is absolute total authority of a despotic nature.

Take this nameless sissy for example. Get used to her face as you will see it a lot.

Sissy Cock Sucking Training

This Sissy Slut does not have aname.

This emasculated male can suck cock, take it in the ass, and be humiliated all day long, but the sissy still does not fully know her place. Up until now, she has only submitted to forced feminization on video. We think it is time to take it a bit further. She is not going to just be a video slut any longer. She is going to be the official sissy of www.boundsissy.com. While we will be shooting tons of other models, this sissy whore will be a constant. She may go through service training to be a proper french maid, or perhaps she will be put into permanant chastity and only allowed to be penetrated as she is turned into a slut.  It is likely she will be taken out to public at events to promote the boundsissy website, or forced to serve at parties.

The first step towards total emasculation is stripping her of her old identity. To fully rid her of that male ego once and for all. It is only logical that the first step should be to change her name. Since she is going to be the public face of our site, we have decided to allow the public to participate.

Stay tuned for our very first contest in which we will be giving away some prizes. The contest will be “Name That Sissy” and it will be announced here, as well as other sites. Anyone will be able to enter their suggestions, and the winner will be chosen by the Dommes of Pavlovia and Mistress Saskia herself.

Before making the announcement we will release a list of all the suggested names. This will be the first time this sissy slave gets to see what was entered. She can then sweat in agony as she wonders which one it will be.

The announcement will come with a very humiliating video update where the sissy is officially named.

How humiliating for her! It should be noted that this sissy does not identify as a sissy, but has mostly just experimented on video. This is truly going to be a very humiliating experience for this slave, and it will only be the first of many to come.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the contest along with the rules and prizes. We will have one winner and one runner up.

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The Sissy Rack

 The Sissy Rack is an ingenious device which can be used to reinforce compliance of a wayward sissy or to reinforce her status in life. Not only does it completely immobilize the the slave, but it also locks her into a very exposed position. The entire system is fully adjustable to accommodate any slave.
The Sissy Rack

The Sissy Rack Completely Immobilizes any Sissy. It features a locking dildo system which allows the sissy absolutely no say in the matter

When combined with an anal plug or dildo, it further reinforces the emasculation of the feminized male as it both fills the slave’s ass pussy and helps to hold her in place. Once the sissy is in place, the vise clamps is applied to her clitty and balls, preventing her from moving the lower part of her body.
Sissy's clitty locked into place

Lady N locks her sissy's clitty into place with the vise clamp. Now her clitty will be completely exposed for torture or display.

The neck is held in place by a locking pillory-style piece. Being fully adjustable for height like the rest of the system, the pillory can be elevated to an extremely uncomfortable position for forced posture training.


Lady N is adjusting the wig of her sissy locked in the rack.

A spreader bar can be attached to the ankles and the hands can either be locked behind the pole or attached to the adjustable pulley on top. Once the sissy is fully locked in, there is no allowance for any type of movement.This truly is an amazing system and very effective in the forced feminization process. While there are similar systems available through various manufacturers, this one was custom-built and is unique. It can only be found at Pavlovia Denver.
Sissy getting tortured on the rack

Lady N tortures her sissy on the Sissy Rack

Free Video Clip of the Sissy Rack in Use. (Windows Media Player Format)
Free Video Clip of The Sissy Rack in Use (DIVX Player – for non windows users – Divx Player required)
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BoundSissy.com and SissyMaidBlog.com Launch

Sissy slave getting fucked in the ass

Sissy Whore Getting Her Ass Cherry Popped

After months of planning and shooting, BoundSissy.com finally launches. Not only is it a premium site for the best Forced Feminization and Sissy videos on the web, but it is also unique in that all the image galleries are 100% free. To top it off, there are free video previews for every single shoot on the site.

The image to the left is from one of our movies that launched with the site called “Sissy Double Penetrated”. I encourage you to visit the gallery and see the rest of the images and free previews. I also hope you sign up and become a member.

The site you are currently on is the official blog for BoundSissy.com, but it is also going to be much more than just a shameless advertising tool. This is about a real life  journey into the world of femdom and forced feminization. So please bookmark this site and keep coming back as it is going to get really hot!

To celebrate the launch of both sites, we will be running a month long contest starting on Saturday, Sept 3rd. The contest will be called “Name That Sissy,” and there will be two winners. 1st place will get 3 full months of access to BoundSissy.com, and the runner up will get 1 full month. More details to come very soon as we hash out the details, so stay tuned.

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